Semi automatic PET stretch blowing machine for 3L

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 competitive price sell 2cavity semi automatic PET blowing machine for mineral water up to 1.5L


1. Using the new double crank four five fulcrum lever clamping structure (national patent), Cross-oriented template for balanced operation, sprockets transfer mode, the hinge parts are all inlaid with high hardness and high hardness alloy steel sleeve axis, so the large clamping force, wear-resistant, mold seams are tight and thin.

2. Overall casting frame, enhanced robustness and stability of the machine.

3. Linear guide mobile template, remove the old bearing bracket. So that friction rod and the template is greatly reduced, extending the life of the machine.

4. Dual boot work, using photoelectric safety device to prevent injuries.

5. Competitive price, fast delivery

6. 5L semi automatic blowing machine, 5gallon blowing machine, wide mouth jar blowing machine for option. 



                      Technical Data 

Finished productmaterial/PET
theoretical outputPCS/h700-1200
maximum heightMM350
the largest diameterMM115
Template sizethe largest acreage of templateMM360*410
maximum thickness of moldMM220
minimum thickness of moldMM90
clamping forceT8T
mold opening strokeMM155



air compressor15KW≥3.0/3.0
air freeze dryer3.0 M pa≥3.0/3.0
air precision filter3.0 M pa≥3.0/3.0
Electric power of main enginepowerKW8
voltage / frequency(three - phase)V/HZ380/50-60
working pressureM pa0.8-1.0
blowing pressureM pa2.0-3.0
Sizesize of main engineMM1700*640*1600
heater sizeMM1720*585*1360
Weightweight of main engineKG550
heater weightKG260
Note: as the company's equipment is constantly updated, the specific parameters shall be subject to the equipment!

 Semi automatic PET stretch blowing machine for 3L