2Cavity fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH

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HP-L series fully automatic linear blow moulding machine is the most stable two-step fully-automatic pet stretch-blow moulding machine(preheat). It has two to eight cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 2L. It can blow PET bottles for carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers.

The advantages

1. Automatic perform input and ready bottle output system.
Machine adopt with the overall structure of super-standard anti-vibration design, high-speed operation state of the machine will shake down to a minimum.

2. Machine adopts modular assembly method, greatly decrease the local amendments due to technological improvements when the machine is on processing.

3. The structure of machine oven adopt the international most advanced energy-saving technology of infrared radiation heating, temperature control with automatic negative feedback, closed-loop regulation model.

4. Automation controlling item adopts international high-end computer system, heating, collecting and measuring perform temperature with simulation input and output module.

5. Man-machine interface displays current production situation, available for on line switching, parameter modification and production accounting, with automatic alarm, automatic fault detection and diagnose.

6. Special designed small machine frame for small bottle up to 600ml with higher output capacity.  And another for up to 2L bottles.

7. Multi cavity machine option: 2cavity fully automatic blowing machine, 4cavity fully automatic machine, 6cavity fully automatic machine and 8cavity fully automatic machine.  


1. Preform Feeding

Fully automatic preform feeding system

Proper preform stabilization device

2Cavity  fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH  

2 . Heating System

Modular oven

Fan system is installed for even heating.

Customized oven dimensions based on preform and max bottle size

Each lamp, each Lamp gripper and each lamp rod is separately adjustable.

2Cavity  fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH  

3. Preform Transfer

Servo-driven system:More precise and faster to transfer preform.

Special chain and chain connection guarantee chain system precision and extend chain system lifespan.

Self-lubricating bushing and sealed bearings.

Quick change of robot clips, mould & star-wheels(tool-less) for different bottle

2Cavity  fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH  

4.Clamping & Stretching System

Toggle structure & pressure increase device:Faster and stronger clamping to avoid disconnected parting surface.

Combination valve:Faster air inlet and very quick air exhaust.

Individual cavity blowing, individual cavity stretching, individual cavity pre-blow are all separately adjustable.

Inbuilt bigger air tank for higher output

Unique low pressure air pressure monitor

Special solenoid valve to cut power and outlet all air for safety is installed.

To save energy and to avoid adverse effect on neighbouring cavities, relevant cavity does not blow if no preform in that cavity.

2Cavity  fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH  

5. Bottle Ejection

Pneumatic cylinder for bottle discharge.

Discharge on wind channel or belt conveyor.

    • Technical Parameters-HP-L series
      Cavity Quantitycavities44668
      Clamping ForceKG4000048000560006500096000
      Mold Strokemm901259012590
      Stretching Rod Strokemm260330260330260
      Stretching Rod Dia.mm1212121212
      Bottom Mould Strokemm5050505050
      Pitch Distancemm76.2114.376.2114.376.2
      Preform Holder QuantityPCS9696106106152
      CONTAINER SPECIMax.Container Volumeml60020006002000600
      Max.Container Heightmm260350260350260
      Max.Container Diametermm681056810568
      Max Preform Heightmm100140100140100
      Max.Neck Diametermm3838383838
      ELECTRICAL SYSTEMHeating Oven QuantityZone46468
      Number of LampPCS4*66*64*86*88*8
      Heating PowerKW48726496128
      Installed PowerKW537769.5100135
      Actual PowerKW25-3030-3530-3545-5060-70
      AIR SYSTEMOperating PressureMpa0.7-0.90.7-0.90.7-0.90.7-0.90.7-0.9
      Blowing PressureMpa2.5-3.02.5-3.02.5-3.02.5-3.02.5-3.0
      High Pressure Air ConsumptionL/min3.6/304.8/304.8/306.4/307.2/30
      CHILLER SYSTEMTemperature RangeDegree9-139-139-139-139-13
      MACHINEMachine DimensionM3.9*1.5*2.23.6*2.2*2.24.0*2.1*2.25.8*2.1*2.26.0*2.1*2.2
      Machine WeightKG35004500600070008000

      2Cavity  fully automatic PET preform blowing machine output 1800-2000BPH