5L Water bottle / edible oil bottle PET preform mold 8-12cavity factory price

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80-100g 5L water bottle/ edible oil bottle preform moulds

How many preforms per hour do you want to produce? Design? Weight?

·       ♦ No matter what kind of request you have,We can all provide perfect mold for your project!

·       ♦ 1-16 cavity, 24 cavity, 32 cavity, 48cavity, 72 cavity, 96 cavity and 144 cavity.

Neck finish:

·       ♦ ROPP, ALASKA, PCO1810, PCO1881, BPF, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50-150mm etc.

Features of the perform mold:

1. No cutting valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.

2. Advanced hot runner system assures lower level of AA value.

3.  Reasonable-designed cold water channels increase cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.

Technical Description

1. Precision machined, tolerance standards 0.003~0.005mm

2.Interchangeable parts for every cavity

3. Perfectly balanced hot-runner system

4.Ideal gate cooling

5. Low crystallinity

6. Preform surface no scratches

7. Low acetaldehyde (AA) levels

8. Minimum eccentricity below 0.09mm (L=100mm)

9.Strong dimensional stability

10.Consistent weight

11. Flash less split-lines

5L Water bottle / edible oil bottle PET preform mold 8-12cavity factory price  

HITEK PACK has a powerful team with a designer in chief with more than 15 years in preform mould. By far, we make maximum 72-cavity preform mold. Also we make half cold mold, hot runner self lock type, hot runner valve gate type mould for different customer's requirement and other interchangeable spare parts for mold from Husky, Krauss Maffei, MHT, Otto, Sacmi and so on.

Preform weight:
Plastic material:
PET Resin
Cavity/core steel:
S136, 2316
Mold type:
Hot runner valve gate,Hot runner self lock,Hot runner long tail