5L 2cavity fully automatic PET blowing machine from Hitek-pack

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5L 2cavity fully automatic PET blowing machine factory from Hitek-Pack

Special designed machine for 5L PET bottle 2cavity 

Fully Automatic machine running
With infrared lamps, power saves up to 30%
Each lamp in each group is separately adjustable
Easy operation with HIMI
Modular design for easy maintenance
3-in-1 combination valve for faster air in and air out

HPL series fully automatic linear blow moulding machine is the most stable two-step fully-automatic
pet stretch-blow moulding machine(preheat). It has two to eight cavities and the maximum capacity of the products is 2L. It can blow PET bottles for carbonated, mineral, pesticide, cosmetics, wide-mouth, hot filling, and other packing containers.

    1.Preform Feeding


    Fully automatic preform feeding system

    Proper preform stabilization device

     2. Heating system

    Modular oven


    Fan system is installed for even heating.

    • Customized oven dimensions based on preform and max bottle size

    • Each lamp, each Lamp gripper and each lamp rod is separately adjustable.

      3.Preform Transfer

    • Servo-driven system:More precise and faster to transfer preform.

    • Special chain and chain connection guarantee chain system precision and extend chain system lifespan.

      Self-lubricating bushing and sealed bearings.

      Quick change of robot clips, mould & star-wheels(tool-less) for different bottle

      4.Clamping & Stretching System

    • Toggle structure & pressure increase device:Faster and stronger clamping to avoid disconnected parting surface.

      Combination valve:Faster air inlet and very quick air exhaust.

    • Individual cavity blowing, individual cavity stretching, individual cavity pre-blow are all separately adjustable.

      Inbuilt bigger air tank for higher output

      Unique low pressure air pressure monitor

    • Special solonoid valve to cut power and outlet all air for safety is installed.

    • To save energy and to avoid adverse effect on neighbouring cavities,relevant cavity does not blow if no preform in that cavity.

  • 5.Bottle Ejection
    • Pneumatic cylinder for bottle discharge.

    • Discharge on wind channel or belt conveyor.

5L 2cavity fully automatic PET blowing machine from Hitek-pack  
5L 2cavity fully automatic PET blowing machine from Hitek-pack  

型号 ModelHP-D5LHP-AUTO25L
主机参数 Clamping System模具腔数 Number of Cavities2 Cavities1 Cavities
锁模力 Clamping Force65000 KG65000 KG
模具行程 Mold Stroke260 mm320 mm
拉伸杆行程 Stretching Stroke350 mm460 mm
底模行程 Botton Stroke50 mm50 mm
瓶子间距 Center distance220 mm300 mm
胚头数 Number of Holder80 PCS 48 PCS 
制品参数 Container 最大容量 Max.Container volume6000 ml25000  ml
最大瓶子高度 Max.Container Height350 mm460 mm
最大瓶子直径 Max.Container Diameter180 mm230 mm
最大瓶坯高度 Max. Preform Height200 mm240 mm
最大瓶子外径 Max.Neck Diameter45 mm65 mm
理论产量 Theoretical Output1500 B/H400 B/H
电气参数 Electrical System加热箱数量 Heating oven qty 4*4 PCS4*4 PCS
灯管数量 Number of lamp4*10 PCS4*12 PCS
加热配置功率  Heating Power72 KW72 KW
电力总容量 Installed Power82 KW80 KW
电压 Voltage380V/50HZ380V/50HZ
气源参数 Air System工作压力 operating pressure0.7-0.9 Mpa0.7-0.9 Mpa
吹瓶压力 blowing pressure2.5-3.0 Mpa2.5-3.0 Mpa
高压耗气量 high pressure air consumption4.8/30 L/min4.0/30 L/min
配置功率 power60 KW44 KW
冷却水参数 Chiller System温度范围 temperature9-139-13
压力 pressure0.4 Mpa0.4 Mpa
额定功率 power5 HP5 HP
外形尺寸 Machine主机尺寸 Machine Dimension4.0*1.8*2.2m4.0*1.8*2.2 m
重量 Machine Weight4500 kg4500 kg

型号 Model